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I Too, Know of Rivers

I too know of rivers and distant lands,

beyond a stretch, of Arabian sands,

ancient river speak to us in tears,

where huts are concrete jungles and feet become gears

I too know these rivers

as they course through the lands

like the blood in my veins

and the callouses on my hands

when the diamonds in my ear

turned souls into brands,

I still know these rivers

that rise when I stand…

The spark in my eye

my skin, the color of night

upright in descent and righteous in flight

I too know these rivers,

muddied and deep

when it whispers in my ear

and lulls me to sleep

A hollow beat

fills my hollowed out heart

knowing the souls of my forefathers

would not want us to part

and the souls of my ancestors

guide us from within

that the words left on paper

is the blood of my kin.




I am alone

on an empty stage

I am alone

on my own page

I am alone

in my own rage

I am alone, in my old age.

Beyond the Plain

 Walk with me

in the park

we’ll hold hands

because it’s dark

in our world

we’re only two

there is me

and no one but you

the sky is glass

so we’ll break through

and then we’ll pass

beyond the blue…

Into twilight

where we will talk

amongst the stars

where we will walk.

Nothing will matter

but you and me

and we’ll skip stars

over the sea

and build a tree house

on the moon

and shower ourselves

in the monsoon

and then we’ll play

out in the rain

and roll down hills

beyond the plains.

 We’ll never say we love each other

let our actions speak louder

than rolling thunder

And then we’ll bask

in the brooding light

and in the eve

we’ll close our eyes

and I will die

come  sun rise.

And I will bristle

at the rest

and I will nestle

into your chest

and you will hide

close to my breast.

Come run with me

out in the rain

over the hills

beyond the plains.



Ever green,

And evermore

seaweeds weaving

beyond the shore

where drops of sunshine

seems to pour

into Evergreen,


A drop of moonlight

ocean waves

endless nights

Yield endless stars

For endless days

In the morn

The skies will blaze

In an amber, gold

and red‑orange haze.

The evergreen will sway in the wind,

where streams move deftly,

and cobbled roads bend,

Where the sky and mountain,

melt into a blend,

beyond the horizon,

where clouds descend.

I stood beneath,

the evergreen,

my secret place,

near the ravine,

I rested in the moss,

Which kept me clean,

And drank from a fresh,

Mountain spring,

The sun broke through,

And down it beamed,

And cleansed my wretched soul serene,


And evergreen.