My Infatuation


Infatuation is about  Georgine Louvelle, a young woman who travels to Paris to star in a French stage play. On arrival, she quickly learns that she has been duped by her shady agent, when the establishment he sends her to turns out to be a “pussy cat” bar…a far cry from the sophisticated Paris she’d always dreamt of visiting. She meets her new boss Joe, a cheapskate who not only goes out of his way to make life difficult, but is secretly conspiring with a rich suitor to keep her in Paris.  Things don’t always go according to plan when she falls for Renard, the poor but sensitive, French actor.  Who will our heroine choose?

I truly enjoy writing  suspense and mystery novels.  My hope is to inspire and enrich the lives of my audience with sweet tales of love, fantasy and strong women in search of themselves.

In my novels, the ills of the world cease to exist save for the complicated intricacies of human emotions and the notion that love conquers all. – E. Hughes