About E. Hughes

Fifteen years ago, Ms. Erica Hughes began a screenwriting career in earnest, working as a ghost writer for several projects, and eventually starting Screenwritersdaily.com in 2003 where she continues to provide consulting, and promotion  for writers and clients in the film and publishing industry. She currently teaches a publishing class at Madison College  in Madison, WI and will participate in University of Wisconsin’s 28th Annual Writer’s Institute as a guest speaker. Ms. Hughes works with authors across the U.S. and abroad, helping to bring many books to the market.

Her focus over the years has been in animation, eventually  moving into live action feature films, working with Crystal Diane Stevens of Organized Criminal (click here or here http://organizedcriminalthemovie.com), Trendy Pictures (click here) as an associate producer.

In 2010, Hughes released the experimental animated project, 2020 AD… one of the first commercially released feature-length  “Machinima”  animated movies on the market. (Machinima uses real-time video game rendering technology to animate movies).  Hughes is also a voice actress.

E. Hughes on http://imdb.com :

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Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your time here in my abstract little world of romance novels, poetry, and animation. To learn more about what I do, please visit the links or the pages above.  With much love, E.